Our approach to economical & sustainable design


From the start of every project one of our first considerations is to try and achieve the most economical & sustainable design. We are acutely aware that now is the time, more than ever before, to push for sustainable development, not just during construction but throughout the design process and a scheme’s whole lifecycle & legacy.


We are committed to;

  • Working with our clients to achieve their own sustainability goals
  • Meeting the highest possible BREEAM target levels
  • Research into modern methods of construction
  • Reduce the steel reinforcement used in our structures
  • Reduce cement content and overall concrete volumes
  • Specify the most economical concrete mixes
  • Encouraging pre-casting of concrete and off site fabrication
  • Consider alternative structural materials and the embodied carbon generated
  • Designing for durability and future adaptability
  • Re-use as much site won material as possible for external works, enabling works & temporary working platforms
  • Carry out detailed cut & fill analysis for sites to optimise material re-use and reduce wastage on site
  • Analyse where savings can be made, which in turn makes for a more sustainable design and build
  • Working with the design team to encourage as much usable green space as possible to secure biodiversity & a future legacy for schemes
  • Include the most biodiverse and environmentally friendly SuDS techniques into our designs, including Swales, Blue Roofs & Green Roofs


We have an ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the environment & climate change through our own in-house policies, research into new design technologies, renewable materials & building techniques and are fully signed up members to

www.structuralengineersdeclare.com & www.civilengineersdeclare.com.

Some examples of PTA projects where we have applied these processes;

100% Carbon Neutral Piles at The Eight Gardens, Watford

Attenuation Storage at Billingshurst Business Park

Stream Naturalisation at 40:40 Link, High Wycombe