PTA’s expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM), including our use of Autodesk Revit, Civil 3D and Navisworks, has been developing since 2012. Our commitment to using the latest technologies has allowed us to successfully complete multiple projects by generating accurate 3D models, shared seamlessly amongst the full design team, providing a more cohesive design process.

The use of these powerful software tools has allowed us to revolutionise the way we approach design projects. With Revit and Civil 3D, we can create digital representations of the structural frame and drainage network, allowing full visualisation and examination of the design before works begin on site.

By importing these models into Navisworks, we can perform a clash detection analysis between them and identify any coordination issues, solving them before they reach site.

Looking to the future, we are excited about the potential of fully integrated central models and the advantages that 3D rebar detailing can offer. We are committed to staying at the forefront of BIM technology and leveraging its capabilities to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to our clients.

Below are just a few examples of where our knowledge and application of BIM has provided benefits to our design projects.